FILSKI'S is excited to be partnering with FAE Australia in 2019 to bring rock crushing to the NSW Central Tablelands.

With the use of these versatile tractor driven machines, it is possible to reduce the volume of rocks and slabs, reusing the material on site. This can be implemented for such uses as the reclamation of farming land, and in the construction of road surfaces.

FILSKI'S and FAE are also currently trialing its use in the control of certain noxious weeds as well as the clearing of vegetative regrowth.

This practice has already proven invaluable in reclaiming rocky outcrops for farming land, breaking rocks down into arable farming land and preparing it for sowing of crop or pasture.

The process of rock crushing exponentially improves aeration and water filtration of soils as well as incorporating organic matter to improve overall soil structure.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about this incredibly valuable service that we now offer!

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Rock Crushing Demonstration Mudgee NSW