FILSKIS have been using commercial traps in their vertebrate pest control programs for many years.

One of the challenges faced when using various traps currently on the market, was the lack of quality of materials used in manufacturing them.

For a trapping program to be effective, traps need to be left in paddocks for long periods of time.

They are exposed to the harsh Australian elements and can also become tempting fixtures for livestock to rub themselves on.

FILSKIS saw a need for a more robust trap that would withstand these challenges, as well as incorporating consideration of causing the least amount of stress possible to captured animals.

FILSKIS traps are made with top quality heavy duty materials, made for withstanding all kinds of weather conditions.

With that being said, they are still relatively light weight and super easy to erect, dismantle and transport from one location to the next by one person.

The welfare of animals captured has been of paramount importance in the design of the these traps, with nothing inside the trap that a stressed animal could possibly hurt themselves on. Therefore keeping them safely contained until humane disposed of.

We stock a range of traps in varying sizes for whatever the target species including cat, fox, pig etc.

Please feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have about our FILSKIS traps!

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