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Owner and Director of FILSKIS, Phil Barnes has been based on his family property between the towns of Capertee and Mudgee in the Central Tablelands of NSW for many years.

Being situated in close proximity to the Garden’s of Stone National Park, the Barnes family property known as ‘Bandanora’ certainly faced its own fair share of challenges presented by pest species that threaten a farmer’s livelihood.

Phil has gained his experience over the years through trial and error the most effective ways of controlling pest species such as wild dogs, pigs, kangaroos, rabbits and foxes so as to limit their impact on farming productivity.

Over the years this necessity to maintain a livelihood has developed into a passion of Phil’s, as he works closely with rural communities, active interest groups, landholders, government organisations and the mining industry to construct and implement vertebrate pest control programs to maintain a firm handle on Australia’s vertebrate pest problems.


The Barne’s family farm has since been sold, allowing Phil to now turn his attention fully to FILSKIS and the ongoing and ever evolving challenges that controlling vertebrate pests in rural areas presents.

Recently, Phil has been working hard on the design and creation of a range of feral animal traps.

These traps differ greatly in their design from other models currently on the market for a range of reasons.

Firstly, they are made from quality material meaning they can be left in the paddock without any fear of being damaged from investigating livestock or the harsh weather conditions that we know Australia can provide.

They are also 100% animal friendly and humane, with absolutely nothing inside the trap that can injure the animal in any way.

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Phil is also highly educated in various sustainable land management practices, many of which he successfully implemented on 'Bandanora'. As such, Phil now also offers consultation in the following areas;

  • Property planning
  • Stone crushing
  • Erosion control
  • Waterway restoration
  • Native habitat corridor
  • Water way plantings

From Phil and family, thanks for stopping by to check out our website and please don’t hesitate to contact us for quotes or with any other questions you may have!

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