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Who are we?


FILSKIS is a family owned and run business based in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

We provide vertebrate pest control services to urban and rural landholders and government bodies all over NSW. 

We also deal in a range of pest control equipment and supplies, as well as firearms.

FILSKIS also specialises in land management consulting incorporating the reclamation of farming land with the use of stone crushing practices.

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what we do




FILSKIS can help you put together a highly effective pest control program for your property! 

We are highly trained and achieve the highest level industry results from baiting, trapping and shooting methods including non-lethal options (live capture).

We specialise in controlling the following target species;  

  • Rabbits
  •  Foxes
  •  Birds
  •  Pigs 
  • Goats 
  • Deer 
  • Feral Cattle 
  • Camels
  •  Kangaroos (drop tags) 

FILSKIS services all urban and rural locations within NSW.  

We also specialise in consulting on sustainable land management practices offering the following services;

Property planning

  • Stone crushing
  • Erosion control
  • Waterway restoration
  • Native habitat corridor
  • Water way plantings



Phil Barnes ( FILSKIS ) Licences & Qualifications

ABN: 19 160 105 504

NSW Firearms Licences:

Categories : ABCD

Vertebrate Pest –Contract shooter

Rec Hunting / Vermin control

Animal welfare- animal handler

Primary production

Silencer Permits 410845479 & 409994506

Tranquilliser Permit 410264906

Firearms dealer 410555201

Prohibited weapons dealer 410641986

Safari tour operator 410936127

Firearms instructor

Firearms Safety & Training Council Accredited pest control officer No.0050092

CASA Permission- To carry dangerous goods & discharge firearms from moving platform

LLS 1080/pindone authorised user ID# CT 0036

LLS canid Pest Ejector Authorised user ID# CT02CPE0025

ChemCert 20204125

DPI Game Unit Professional Game Hunting Licence P15001

DPI Game Unit Waterfowl ID Cert 30291712

DPI Game Unit L.E.A.P trainer

Firearms Safety & Training Council Feral animal & pest control officer’s course

University of QLD Game Management ( sustainable use of game Management )

Murrumbidge College of Agriculture Certificate in Agriculture(Livestock management, chainsaw, driving machinery, welding, small business management/accounting, horse breaking/husbandry)

Landscape trade TAFE NSW

Small Business management TAFE NSW

DPI/LLS/CMA Prograze course